This is the basic acrylic mount – done in 3mm, 6mm and 10mm with diamond polished edges and with a hidden aluminium backing frame. The acrylic is spaced or “floats” off the wall

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Acrylic Float Frames come standard with a white Polycarbonate backing and a U Channel frame. U Channel frames are 12mm as standard and we use a heavy duty 22mm U channel for larger works. We can also provide a black backing if required.

The frameless, edge to edge look of our Acrylic Float Frames is modern and stylish suiting most contemporary settings, while the acrylic front adds vibrancy and dept to your photos. Acrylic Float Frames looks amazing with most photos, especially those with vibrant colours and lots of life and movement. In general, the thicker the acrylic, the better the image looks – for some amazing results, check out our 20 and 30mm acrylics available in freestanding Acrylic Blocks.

Acrylic Float Frames are strong and very good for high traffic areas. The acrylic provides protection to your image from scratching, moisture and other damage. The U channel frame is very strong and securely bonded to the back of the Acrylic Float Frame. It keeps the works flat and prevents movement and bowing while allowing a secure and level hanging point. Your finished Acrylic Float Frame comes standard with a hanging bar. All you need to do is to screw this into the wall and the frame will slide onto and lock in place to this bar.