Acrylic panels fixed with stand off bolts provide a very good option for permanent installations and architectural projects. These modern metallic bolts form part of the finished look and provides a very secure fixing. The panels look best with a clear border but the bolts can also fit through the image area. We also supply sandwich acrylic panels fixed with stand off bolts – these are great for changeable graphics.

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Choose Acrylic with Standoff Bolts to Make an Impression

Many leading artists prefer acrylic with standoff bolts for its combination of a modern architectural looks with the protection and sparkle of acrylics. The works are securely fixed with the bolts requiring no hangers, and cannot move around when touched, making this an ideal solution for works hung in public areas. Acrylic with standoff bolts looks great and has the unique aspect of these fantastic looking metallic bolts.

Acrylic Sandwich Frames Using Acrylic with Standoff Bolts

Emergent Designs produces elegant and functional acrylic sandwich frames using acrylic with standoff bolts. Your artwork or photo is sandwiched between 2 layers of acrylic and can easily be interchanged.

The acrylic with standoff bolts has a feature which allows 2 or more panels of acrylics to be securely held by the bolts. These require no tools to be interchanged when required.

renato-grome-duraflex-prints-facemounted-to-acrylicrichard weinstein face mounts to acrylicimg_2316