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Custom Shelf Standing Frame by Emergent Designs

 October 12, 2020  ·   Edward Lim


Prior methods of making shelf standing frames involves using a premade frame with stand which cannot be customised. Alternatively, a frame can be custom made and a premade stand fitted. These premade stands are not elegant and/or lasting. The attachment to the frame is not easy or...

Lightweight and Robust Mounting for Touring Exhibition -- 'STUDIO- Australian Painters'

 December 05, 2019  ·   Katherine Lim

    “STUDIO: Australian Painters on the Nature of Creativity” is a book, DVD and exhibition project that showcases 61 of Australia’s most respected and important painters working in their studio environment. The exhibition illustrates a broad cross-section artists from across Australia working in a variety of styles,...

Acrylic Photo Mounting: Part 2 How To

 December 11, 2018  ·   Edward Lim

Acrylic mounting is basically done with pressure rollers to mount the print to acrylic using an optically clear adhesive, much like image shown here. It’s a straightforward process, but like everything, the devil is in the details. You can’t make a good cake without...

Celebrating 30 Years in 2018

 September 26, 2018  ·   Nick Searles

Emergent Designs celebrates 30 years of service to the industry in 2018. Starting with a good idea in a shed at the back of 5 David Street Concord, we have grown and evolved over the years to now service clients throughout Australia with our unique...

Acrylic Photo Mounting - Part 1: What and Why?

 September 19, 2018  ·   Edward Lim

Acrylics are a great material for mounting photos – it is perfectly smooth, very stable and long lasting. It is used as a backing, but it’s as a face-mount where the print is mounted behind a clear acrylic that it finds its most popular use. In this...

Space Frames - Unique Custom Picture Frames

 September 03, 2018  ·   Edward Lim

Finding the right picture frame can be difficult… despite the huge range of traditional frames available in many different colours and materials. This is particularly true when you’re trying to frame a unique piece of art, or a centerpiece for a wall display...