Custom Shelf Standing Frame by Emergent Designs

Prior methods of making shelf standing frames involves using a premade frame with stand which cannot be customised. Alternatively, a frame can be custom made and a premade stand fitted. These premade stands are not elegant and/or lasting. The attachment to the frame is not easy or safe because it is post manufactured.

Our Custom Shelf Standing Frame (further referred to as CSSF for brevity) addresses the gap in product availability. CSSF uses a metal backing to hold a metal clip that holds the back stand. The metal clip is locked into place with a locking piece and can be unlocked and changed.


Unique Features of CSSF

Stand with Stand Plate is integrated into a custom-made picture frame


Metal Plate can be made any size to match custom size of picture frame

Receiver Clip for stand can be changed via a hinged Locking Plate allowing any damaged clip to be replaced.


Locking Plate design utilises seamless methods which gives an elegant backing and stand.

Stand plate, stand and receiving clip are metal adding to longevity.

Leg is detachable and can be inserted sideways for transport.


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