Space Frames - Unique Custom Picture Frames

Finding the right picture frame can be difficult… despite the huge range of traditional frames available in many different colours and materials. This is particularly true when you’re trying to frame a unique piece of art, or a centerpiece for a wall display that demands a premium frame.

For instances when a traditional frame just won’t do, Emergent Designs have created a unique premium frame design known as the ‘Space Frame’.

What is the ‘Space Frame’

Space Frames are specifically designed to creatively showcase a literal centerpiece, as they give the illusion that the artwork is floating in space, unattached to the frame around them. This unique 3D floating effect is created by mounting the art on an edgeless aluminum board, which is set away from the back and sides of the frame.  Mounting is done archivally to aluminum creating a piece of great value and quality.

When to Use a Space Frame

Space Frames can be used whenever you’re looking to create a premium, designer or lux framing solution, for example:

  • In a contemporary home, with designer finishes
  • To help showcase a particularly special piece of art
  • When creating a point of difference in a unique wall display
  • To create a stand-out finish in an art gallery or exhibition
  • To dramatically showcase your work in an art project, or as a professional artist or photographer

Whilst Space Frames work extremely well to display larger works, and can be custom built up to 3 meters wide - they’re also a popular choice for small standing pieces, creating a stylish display for a desk or shelf.

Looking for a Unique Custom Frame?

If a Space Frame sounds exactly like that premium frame you’ve been searching for, contact Emergent Designs today! With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen A LOT of frames, and very few create such a stunning finish as our Space Frames. Fill out the contact form below to enquire, or give us a call on +61 2 9669 1700.

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