Invest in your message, not the structure
The Frameless display system utilises state of the art digital imaging combined with a sophisticated laminating process to produce an ultra lightweight display that is unencumbered with bulky frames, clips and widgets that accompany other display systems. The result is maximum visual impact for your sales message in a display that is truly easy to use and transport. And because you don’t pay for any hardware, Frameless is also great value for money.
The Frameless concept is extremely versatile. It can create lightweight tables, lecterns, towers and any manner of display material. Being modular, we can also add or subtract components to change the size of your display, or connect your displays in a myriad of combinations to make many different shapes and sizes. 
  • Connects together with no frames, clips or widgets
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Modular and versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value for money
The world’s most innovative portable display system.
With the 4 basic building blocks (modules) of the Frameless Display System you can build all these and more.
End columns
It’s a uniquely versatile concept
Logo Table
Table Top
Size Erected
(w) x (h)
Size Packed
Weight including
Carry Case
Frameless Small Shell
1 x standard
2 x columns
1.3m x 2.1m
360 x 390 x 940mm (h)
Frameless Medium Shell
2 x standard
2 x columns
2.0m x 2.1m
360 x 390 x 940mm (h)
Frameless Large Shell
3 x standard
2 x columns
2.7m x 2.1m
360 x 390 x 940mm (h)
Frameless Logo table
1 x logo table
0.68m x 0.9m
Frameless Table top
1 x table top
1.4m x 0.9m  
0.3m dia x 0.9m (h)