Rollaway is the quick, easy way to display your banners. Ideal for trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and seminars, Rollaway relies on a spring roller mechanism which makes setting up as easy as pulling out a venetian blind. When packing, the banner simply rolls away into the stand. The stand is lightweight with the added bonus of securely protecting your banner when not in use. Supplied with a handy carry case, it is extremely easy to store and transport.
Rollaway is designed and manufactured to the highest US standards with clean elegant lines and a robust construction. Banner graphics are digitally produced using colour management processes and high resolution output, giving your message a truly professional look. The graphics on Rollaway are also replaceable enabling your investment to be reused over many years.
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in a handy carry case
  • Graphics securely protected inside stand
  • Robust and elegant stand
  • High quality digital graphics
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Double Sided Rollaway

Double your message with little extra investment

Rollaway now comes in a double sided format – very good value for your display investment and creates new promotional opportunities:

  • Display a banner on each side and take advantage of customer traffic from both directions.
  • Install 2 different banners and display one or other or both depending on event.
  • Invest in a double sided system and leave one side unused, ready for future upgrades.


*Specifications* Sides  Size
Carry Case
 Rollaway 850 Single  2150 x 850  950 x 300  6.2 kg YES
 Rollaway 1000 Single  2150 x 1000  1080 x 300  7.1 kg YES
 Rollaway 1200 Single  2150 x 1200  1300 x 300  8.3 kg YES
 Rollaway DS 850 Double  2150 x 850  950 x 300  8.6 kg YES
 Rollaway DS 1000 Double  2150 x 1000  1080 x 300  11.3 kg YES
 Rollaway DS 1200 Double  2150 x 200  1300 x 300  14.2 kg YES