Art Frames 

Our range of slimline and lightweight aluminium frames are ideal for trade shows and as a budget frame. Prints are mounted on a 10mm foamboard and are framed without glass.

Art Frame

Acrylic Frames

Facemounting to acrylic is extremely popular amongst photographers and artists. It provides your prints with a floating effect that enhances visual depth and clarity.

Face Mounts to Acrylic

Reverse Frames 

Traditionally used to frame stretched canvases, reverse frames can also be used to frame thick blockmounts such as Artmount and Gataboard, giving your prints a unique finish.

Reverse Frame

Stretch Canvas Frames

Canvas, fabrics and PVC banners can all be stretched onto our canvas frames. We offer a variety of frame depths as well as laminating and lacquering of canvases.

Stretch Canvas Frame

Box Frames

Box frames are ideal for presenting 3D objects such as ballet slippers, football jerseys, calendars and masks. They can also be effective in presenting photographs as a floating image in a frame.

Box Frame for Ballet Shoes

Computerised Mat cutting

Using the latest computerised mat cutter we can offer our clients a variety of mat board options including complex shapes and custom designs.

Computerised Mat cutting

Snap Lock Frames

Frame opens out from front easy graphic interchange, great for point of sale applications

Snap Lock Frame