Emergent Designs started business back in 1987, based on an interest in developing new and innovative ways of displaying large posters. We invented and commercialised a lightweight blockmount, which we called Artmount. Out of this patented idea, a backyard business was formed which soon grew to be a significant commercial venture, with major factory production in Sydney and production licensees in Victoria and Queensland, New Zealand, Malaysia and Canada. Today the success of the product can be judged by its generic use in almost every display and point of sale environment.

By 1993, we had a significant presence in the large format print industry through providing mounted boards on our Artmount product. It was then natural for us to supply other forms of print finishing, and we began learning, what in those days was the highly specialized trade of laminating and mounting and supplying these services to our clients. We were so successful in this that our business grew to be the largest specialized mounting and laminating business in the region. In 1998, we moved into our brand new facilities, occupying 1100m2 with a state of the art laminating facility, supplying photographers, artists, printers, advertising companies, government agencies and major corporations.

Mounting, laminating and framing requires extremely good hand skills and by the late 1990s, we had assembled an impressive team of highly skilled technicians from diverse backgrounds in design, jewellery making, cabinetry, architecture and visual artists. Our expertise was called on more and more by our clients for building custom designed display stands, and point of sale units. To cater to this, we installed a wood and plastic fabrication workshop and more recently a CNC router. With these facilities, we are able to produce fine custom built units of all types of designs. We also installed a full sign making facility in 2002 to complement our display business, and to date, we have the capacity to do all types of printed, 2D, 3D and lit signs.

Innovation has always been one of our primary driving forces and in 2000, we developed another exciting new display concept – the Frameless Display System. Using only laminating technology and magnet connectors, the systems allows construction of freestanding display walls, tables, lecterns and towers. We commercialized this product over the following years to be a highly successful addition to the portable range of display products. Over the years we have also added more off the shelf portables to our range, such as Pullups and Standups, so that we are able to supply a complete range of portable display to our clients.

In 2006, we added a design and printing service – this completed the circle so that we can now offer a complete display service from design, print, print finishing and display building. We realize that this is the opposite sequence of events to most companies, but we are proud of our history as it give us a strong base in construct and hand skills, which enables us to provide completed products of exceptional quality and finish. We are also very adaptable and innovative, able to construct virtually any design, again to our high standards of finish.

Acrylic mounting is a very specialized form of photo mounting. Emergent Designs has been developing the materials and techniques for Acrylic mounting over the year and in 2010 we launched our range of ready to hang acrylic products for photo mounting. This included wall panels – our Acrylic Float Frames, Acrylic Alupanels and Acrylic Gatapanels plus our acrylic desktop products – our Acrylic Blocks and Acrylic Stands.

In 2011, we extended our acrylic products to include our Acrylic Insert Frames – this innovative product has magnetized panels set within an acrylic frame to allow photos to be interchanged.