Mounting and laminating for these high end applications is done in a specially controlled dust free room using high quality archival materials and is operated by our highly experienced technician.

We recommend gataboards, aluminium, alupanel and acrylics as the mounting substrates. MDF and PVC can also be used, though it must be realised that these are non archival. Foamboards, cards and other foam and paper based backings are not recommended at all as they can bow, react to moisture and heat, and are short lived. We don’t generally recommend laminating original art or art prints as the laminate will subtlety change the appearance of the work plus introduce another layer which can age and deteriorate. In some cases our clients do require laminating for specific reasons. In such cases we recommend cold laminates only as opposed to hot (click here to go to the laminating and their uses section).

In either case it is very important to note that mounting and laminating is a non reversible process, keep this in mind in your decision making processes.


Gataboards are foam cored boards with a melamine impregnated skin. They are smooth faced and very light-weight, yet surprisingly strong and non-warping, and are not susceptible to moisture. They come in thicknesses of 5, 10 and 20mm and are available in natural (brown), white and black. The 5mm thickness makes an excellent mounted insert for framed prints. The 10 and 20mm boards are generally used with edging as a block mount. Very large sheets (up to 1.5 x 3m) are available.


Aluminium sheets and Alupanel

Aluminium is an extremely durable and strong material as well as being archival. This makes it extremely useful as an art mounting media. It is however extremely heavy being a metal and can lead to transport and handling problems.

We have a product called Alupanel, which is an aluminium skinned board with a polymer core. It has all the archival properties, flatness and strength of aluminium, while being lighter in weight. It is 3mm think and available in sizes up to 4mx 2m – so it is extremely useful and versatile as an art mounting media.



Acrylics, though not strictly archival are extremely popular as an art mounting media for their smooth finish. It can be used as a normal backing material or as a facemounted board. Facemounting uses a clear acrylic with an optically clear adhesive to mount the front of the print to the acrylic. The print is viewed through the acrylic giving it great depth, colour saturation and brightness with the added advantage of front protection for the print.

Please refer to the acrylic and glass facemounting page for more information.