Document layout

Create your document at 50% or 25% of the final trim size. For example if the final print is to be 700mm x 2100mm the document size should be 350mm x 1050mm (50%) or 175mm x 525mm (25%). All documents should have sufficient image bleed to allow for normal trimming tolerances – we suggest adding 5 to 20mm on all sides at final trim size. Please pay particular attention to the placement of trim and crop marks – errors made in scaled layouts are magnified on enlargement and printing. Use precise placement tools that allow exact positioning rather than screen based tools where very small errors cannot be detected.

Scanned high resolution images

Scanned images should be supplied at a resolution of 150 dpi at final output size (or if image is smaller than A3 size, at 300dpi). If the images you have available are at a lower resolution, don‘t artificially increase the resolution – please supply images at the scanned resolution leaving enlargement to us at print time.

Colour mode

Do not mix RGB colours or pictures with CMYK colours or pictures. Ensure that the entire document is 100% CMYK. When supplying raster image files (i.e. Photoshop readable files) please set them to CMYK TIFF. For Photographic printing we recommend adobe RGB 1998.



Please supply screen and printer versions of all fonts used in the document. If you are placing an Illustrator or Freehand EPS file please ensure all fonts are converted to outlines.

File organisation

Keep all related files together in a single folder. Please do not supply any files that are not used in your document. Make sure that your document has updated links to component files.

Hardcopy or “stat”

Please supply a hardcopy or “stat”, such as a laserprint, showing the artwork layout to scale.

Transmission media

We can accept DVDROM, CDROM,  external hardrives, USB Storage devices & FTP download or you can email files under 10mb to

Supported software

Our studio is Macintosh based, however we can accept documents created on PC platforms provided all fonts used are TrueType. We cannot process PC documents that contain non-TrueType fonts. We support the following software: Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign. If your software is not listed above please call us on (02) 9669 6793 for information.

Supported file types

We recommend High quality pdf for output however we also accept the following file formats:
Indd, psd, jpg, eps, tiff, ai, ps