Acrylic Bolted Frames

Our architectural acrylic option - great for permanent and high traffic installations

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Acrylics work well with our standoff bolts to create permanent installations for artwork. The metallic bolts are integrated into the artwork creating a modern looking piece which is securely fixed to wall. These are great for offices, museums and other high traffic spaces. They can also be used as signage, architectural displays and information plaques.

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be created with bolts through a clear border of acrylic or with bolts in corners of actual art. Both look great, but bolt placement must be carefully considered in the initial design. We normally use thicker acrylics of 8 or 10mm for Acrylic Bolted Frames and supply finished product with a diamond polished edge.

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be supplied as a double acrylic layer such that artwork is sandwiched between the layers. This option is great if graphics needs to be interchanged but is not recommended for high end works or for larger pieces.