Acrylic Mounting

Acrylics are a fantastic mounting media for photos, especially when applied using good face mount techniques where the photo is mounted underneath acrylic. The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhances the colors and vibrancy of your image while also providing protection and rigidity. The finished product looks fantastic, is very long lasting, has UV protection and is very robust – ideal for galleries and public hanging. Emergent Designs are experts at acrylic face mounting and can offer a range of innovative products to enhance your photos

Acrylic Float Frames

These are the classic acrylic wall panels – frameless, stylish and offset or floating off the wall. Comes ready to...


Acrylic Art Frames

Our Acrylic Artframe is a block-mounted acrylic with a substantial 25mm profile and an aluminum trim.


Acrylic Meranti Frames

Our Acrylic Meranti Frames combines the clarity and sparkle of acrylic images with the organic look of this beautiful timber. The...


Acrylic Bolted Frames

Our architectural acrylic option - great for permanent and high traffic installations


Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Blocks look great and don’t require stands or hanging. They are also perfect for gifts and travel or shipping....


Acrylic Stands

Made from 10 mm acrylic, our acrylic stands have that elegant look and are robust and sturdy. Much classier option than...