Display Laminating and Mounting

Posters and prints for displays require professional finishing to ensure they look and perform the best in your point of sale, exhibition or trade show applications.

Point of Sale

Graphics for point of sale must be robust, easy to install and made to fit myriad applications. Good laminating and mounting is an essential part of producing great point of sale graphics. We have extensive experience supplying retail chains, duty free stores and department stores with many innovative solutions.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows require graphics which are quick to install necessitating lightweight but strong boards and scratch resistant laminates. Space is a premium and innovative ways are required to use all parts of envelope including the walls, floor and air space.


Graphics for exhibitions must be of high quality, protected from scratching and lightweight for ease of hanging and transport. Emergent Designs has a range of high tech boards and protective laminate to produce stunning displays for exhibitions.

Stands, Props and Photo Ops

We produce graphic boards for use as stands, props and photo ops, using our range of high tech boards and fabrication facilities. We make struts, joiners, bases and have innovative ways of connecting our displays.

Museums and Public Areas

These high traffic areas require graphics produced to the highest standards in very long-lasting materials. Creative design is often at cutting edge requiring a good understanding of materials and techniques in the production. We have created many successful projects in our 30 years of experience in this space.