Mounting and Laminating

We believe in professional finishing to make your designs and visual materials really stand out. Good quality and innovative laminating, mounting and framing not only protects and displays your graphics but is part and parcel of a quality finished look – complementing your message and enhancing your corporate image.

Laminating Films

We stock a range of laminating films to suite a range of applications from simple gloss and matt protective films to...


Mount Boards

We stock a vast array of mount boards to cater to the many display and fine art applications. All our boards...


Display Laminating and Mounting

Posters and prints for displays require professional finishing to ensure they look and perform the best in your point of sale,...


Fine Art Mounting

We have the care and expertise to mount your valuable fine art print, even at very large sizes. We offer...



This lightweight foam block mount is exclusive to Emergent Designs. It offers a low cost, lightweight and contemporary method of displaying...